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Huyckers Trips
Grand Tetons, WY:1996
Canyonlands, UT: 1997
Boundary Waters, MN: 1998
Porcupine Mountains, MI: 1999
San Francisco, CA to Olympia, WA: 2000
Gila Wilderness, NM: 2001
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Grand Teton National Park
Jackson Hole, WY

URL: http://www.nps.gov/grte/

This was our first Huyckers trip! We spent about 4 days on the trail, hiking in at the Granite Cayon trailhead, coming out at Paintbrush Canyon, and finishing on the shore of Jenny Lake.

It was a beautiful trip-- perfect weather, gorgeous scenery, and of course a bit of wildlife. We were as green as they come, with gleaming new gear and squeeky clean boots. The average age of all our stuff was probably about one month, thanks to Matt's generous outfitting of our band of travellers.

We were not very prepared physically, however. We didn't see one star in the sky the whole time we were on the trail because we were in bed asleep before sundown, and none of us roused ourselves until the sun's heat forced us, sweating, out of the tent. Talk about out-of-shape!

Our lack of experience made no difference, though. The Grand Tetons still stand out in our memories as one of the best first impressions ever.


From Matt, from David, and from Teddy...

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