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Huyckers Trips
Grand Tetons, WY:1996
Canyonlands, UT: 1997
Boundary Waters, MN: 1998
Porcupine Mountains, MI: 1999
San Francisco, CA to Olympia, WA: 2000
Gila Wilderness, NM: 2001
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Huyckers.com is a site devoted to the summer camping trips of the three Huyck brothers (said like "hike"). We spend about a week every summer camping, hiking, canoeing, or whatever, as an excuse to spend time together. Since we have spread out across the country (Boston, Madison, and San Francisco), we don't have as many opportunities as we might like.

Come explore our site: see photographs from our trips, read our accounts of our travels, find a great recipe, get health tips, or buy great books and gear from our affiliate store.


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